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Smokin' Fox


foxy sama ♥
18 April 1984
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don't mind me if i get weak in the knees
'cause Sanji has that effect on me. ♥

you make my heart beat just a little faster ❤

Welcome to foxy's journal.
Here I rant *a lot* and post my art, mostly fanart of whichever fandom I'm currently in.
Most of my entries are f-locked so please go to my friends only post and leave a comment if you want me to add you back.
I love meeting new people and I'm usually very hyper and nice. However be warned that I'm very blunt and I swear a lot. If you can deal with that, then let's be friends! :D
Also I speak Spanish, so I apologize in advance for my english.

I'm currently obsessed with One Piece! I'm still into KHR but only with pairings. I'm not following the manga anymore.
But I'm into many others fandoms, I'm just lazy to post them all. In any case you can check this post


♠ One Piece ♠
* AceLu * ZoSan * SmoAce * LuNa * FraRo *

♥ KHR ♥
* 8059 * D18 * 6996 * 8018 * D59 * 6927 * XS * DS *


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seiyuu ♥, ♥ 嵐 ♥, ヤオイのファンです~